MIC Hogg and DJ Cool Handz Luke Help the Rap Scene in Flagstaff Flourish

Kristopher Michael Hogge also known as MIC Hogg, Flagstaff local rapper and lyricist, has been creating and developing his music for over 15 years. Born on the year of the hog, the 30-year-old rapper recently finished another tour.

He has traveled all over the southern region including California, Colorado, and Nevada.
Recently releasing his sixth album with DJ001, Justin Stump, titled “Giving it All” and finishing his seventh project with DJ Cool Handz Luke, his next collaboration plans to be a success.

The first song MIC Hogg and DJ 001 performed together was at an open mic night at Mia’s Lounge. The acoustic-feel “Miss Love Strange” played throughout the lounge portrayed their talent with the use of just an acoustic guitar and Hogg’s realistic lyrics. All of the beats including “Miss Love Strange” on the album are live instrumentation.

“This was more of a creation from clay than anything else and that’s really why it’s so important to push this album,” DJ001 said. “Everything I’ve written has been inspired by real life situations, and things I’ve personally been through.”

MIC Hogg wrote the lyrics to “Miss” Strange Love on the way to Stump’s house one afternoon at a bus stop. Both have connected as friends and to their community through their music. Flagstaff has become home to Hogg who has lived here for over ten years when he isn’t on the road.

“I have two kids at home who miss me when i’m gone. I miss them just as much. So, I try to spend as much time with them as I can,” Hogg said.

Family and music are driving forces in Hogg’s life. When he isn’t spending time playing in his backyard, he is rapping and writing. The EP “Giving it All” has given Hogg the opportunity to grow with his music and to make an income doing what he loves.

Hogg’s new album releasing May 9th titled “Breathing Sunshine” will consist of more upbeat lyrics in comparison to the reality and substance the previous album contained. Working with DJ Cool Handz Luke, Lucas Frumhoff, will give MIC Hogg something he has never had before. The DJ typically works with old 70’s music giving vibrancy to Hogg’s distinctive voice.



Prior to this album, Hogg hadn’t developed the material he had hoped for, but this album has been more publicized with intentions to continue shaping more EP’s similar to the progression “Giving it All” contained. DJ Cool Handz Luke is helping Hogg create beats that average artists don’t typically produce.The Flagstaff local, has developed his music since the age of 14. The turn tables and him become one as he glides his hands in different motions creating scratches over some of the best oldies music.


The rap scene begins to increase and become more talented as rising, young artists like ChrisFrank and Sam Roberts have wooed the crowd with their rowdy personalities on stage, and rappers like MIC Hogg have given listeners his everlasting lyricism. 



This audio project contains MIC Hogg’s aspirations with music. He has become a large success in the music industry with multiple albums distributed on websites like reverbnation and bandcamp. MIC Hogg having lived in various places including Europe and Phoenix found a connection with Flagstaff that he couldn’t surpass.

Check out MIC Hogg and DJ Cool Handz Luke’s new album dropping May 9th! With all of the experience the two have had working together and individually, creating their own separate styles into this album will differentiate “Breathing Sunshine” from the crowd; it is easy to depict the duo will go far.


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